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big boy room progress

It’s been a ‘little’ humid here to get much painting done, but I did manage to finish up the drawers for our big dresser renovation and spray all the hardware.  I also found some pretty great vintage globe book ends at an estate sale on our street.  Michael is always on the hunt too, and happened to get his hands on an awesome pull down New York State map from a city school that he’s working on. We hadn’t planned on going with the geographic theme, but I do love what we’ve found so far!




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a dresser, reborn

I haven’t worked on a big furniture piece in some time, and i’m pretty excited about this one. It will actually be two pieces: a short and tall dresser. They were my Dad’s when he was a child, and my parents gave them a fresh coat (or 3) of white paint for my room as a little girl.  My initial inspiration was this Stuart Melrose piece. I have to say, the only thing motivating us to strip these down to the wood and sand them smooth is seeing the end result, which does make me a little giddy actually. Oh, that and being able to move Liam into his new big boy room to free up the nursery for baby #2 this December!!!  😀





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wavily wayward

Sharing the beginning state of my latest furniture project.  I’m envisioning some selective white staining and probably some happy accidents.  Can’t wait to see how this piece evolves!


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more christening creations

My cousin’s daughter was baptized last weekend & this was a small piece that I made for her.  She had a completely beautiful day.  Lately I am feeling very blessed to be surrounded by all these adorable little babies!  The doily/dresser scarf underneath was an adaption of a technique that I saw on the purlbee website.  I need to refine my process a bit, I think. 

The “star of mommy’s blog”, himself  (found the bib at Target and couldn’t resist).

Busy week getting ready for our trip to Cincinnati on thursday. More projects to post later.

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2011: la fin

These are some of the last creations of this year, so what better time to share them than on the last day of 2011?  The table below is one that I refinished for a most wonderful aunt. The color of the top is best seen in the photo from a few posts ago.

And a final custom calligraphy piece.  I wish the metallic inks translated from my scan!

So excited to share some new projects of 2012, including a few wedding ensembles, printable invitation templates, desktop wallpaper calendars, and my greatest creation yet!  🙂

Happy New Year!

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RIT show ready

Here are a few things that I’ve managed to get together before the Annual Winter Crafts show at RIT tomorrow.  It will be in the SAU and fireside lounge from 10-4pm, so stop by if you’re around campus!

Still brainstorming my banner on this wreath. I am thinking “be joyful”.

Ok, so this won’t be with me at the booth –  it’s a sneak peak of a new piece of furniture I’m working on.

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painted florals, polka dots, & print packages

A detail of an heirloom nightstand that I recently refinished for a very good friend.  I decided on doing a more contemporary vintage look, with textured crackle sides and a more muted palette than I usually use. I’m really liking the floral motif that I designed for the top.  Furniture is always such a fun challenge.

The boxes came in for my packaged ornaments and prints for this year’s holiday shows.  I’m pretty excited about how they look together, and hopefully shoppers find them to be the ‘ready to gift’ gifts that I intended them to be. I’m still debating whether or not a ribbon around the box would cover up too much of the print.  So many decisions!

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additions to houses & families

Gosh. It’s been almost a month since my last post.  We have been very busy making our new house our home, and I’ve also had a few projects on the back burner since my paints were buried.  I am looking forward to sharing those soon(ish). For now, here is the end result of this summer’s buffet renovation. The white was actually quite simple, since the piece had such great detailing to begin with.  I love the inlaid stars on the drawer, and we ended up keeping the old hardware so that they weren’t covered up.

This is another baby shower invitation that I recently made.  I am pretty happy with the lacy look of the inner envelopes. It folded in around the actual card, and felt appropriately sweet for a little baby girl.  I also used my custom logo stamp on the luxe blush envelopes, which ended up being a pretty subtle way to go about branding.


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