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tribal + copper + calligraphy

Finished up a second complete set of my ‘like a rock’ pairing. Hand cut linoleum block print in copper & silver, hand painted tribal design frame, and hand sewn & designed linen ‘rock’ soft sculpture. I am in love with this graphic combination of elements: the modern frame with the natural simplicity of the sentiment and rock.


Sent out a few envelope calligraphy samples today that I’m pretty excited about too.



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you’re so kind!

New lino-cut thank you notes with kraft paper envelopes from last week’s show.  Although I really love carving stamps by hand, I currently prefer printing them with ink pads rather than block printing ink.  Who knows, I may return to the traditional way if i decide to use a light ink on darker paper (and have room to spare on the floor while they dry), but for now this is oh so convenient. Oh, the beauty of being able to change my mind! I’m hoping to get them up in my etsy shop for the new year, along with a selection of sale cards from past seasons. Everyone loves a good deal, am I right?



And some photos from the RIT winter show last week.



A tiny original painting from last year that I finally framed.


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it’s free shipping time, friends!

I know I’ve said this before, but I quite dislike venturing out for holiday shopping. Too many people in a hurry.  Too much time wasted, thinking the perfect items are going to jump out at me as obvious gifts for people I love.  Sometimes it happens so easily like that. It does. But more often I come home after having carried something around the store for far too long, only to put it back on the shelf and leave.  I have to admit, for the last few years I’ve been taking a more comfortable route; sitting at my computer in my sweatpants with a mug of coffee, clicking on the shopping cart icon, and waiting for my presents to show up on the doorstep.  As an added bonus- it’s so much easier to enjoy the snow when I don’t have to scrape off my car and drive through it. Liam agrees with me.

So here’s my gift to you, friends: free shipping on anything from my etsy shop until the new year- weee! Ornaments, cards, prints, gift sets, pure joy. Go on and find something for someone (or for yourself)!


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tuesday’s finished things

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like a rock: the pairing

I’m so happy to share the first finished set of my ‘like a rock’ linoleum print and hand sewn linen rock. It took a good deal of playing around to create the rock pattern, but i’m happy with the freeform-ness of it. The linen has a few metallic threads woven in, which coordinate in a nice way with the copper & silver ink of the print.  This first set goes to a most lovely expecting couple. Lindsay has such an honest, good heart, and I can’t wait to read about her new motherhood routine amongst all of her other wonderful adventures. And that Nick guy has got a few talents of his own, too. The union of their passions has led to the creation of an awesome recurring event for Cincinnati. They are powerhouses!

I think it’s a quite nice combo. Now, to hunt for some more frames to fix up!

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this was today

This was today: Wegman’s marshmallow treasures, my beloved wake up call cup of coffee, and a stem of sedum that I am trying to root, daringly sitting atop a wedding invite sketch.  Living dangerously, I tell you!

Last Friday marked one year since closing on & moving into our lovely yellow house.  I made this for Michael.  I used one of those cheap cardboard house boxes from the craft store as a foundation, and then did a painted corrugated cardboard, chalkboard (black gesso), calligraphy treatment to the outside. I think it’s rather darling. Maybe it, itself, will house ticket stubs or matchbooks or something of the like.

Getting pretty excited to share the next few wedding invitations I’ve been working on, which will be printed by a wonderfully talented, local, digital printing momma.  I am also happy to announce that I can offer the very colorful selection of waste not paper envelopes with printed wedding invitation suites! Euro flaps anyone? Me me me!

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like a rock

Working on some linen rock prototypes and trying to draft up a pattern to share. These will be paired with the prints from my previous post.  I think it’s a rather charming relationship.  Can’t wait to share the finished set soon!

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make the heart sing

After so much anticipation of the flea market last week, I would like to share this framed laser-cut calligraphy piece that I ended up with, amongst other treasures.  It has a nice vintage and folk art feel to it, even though it was dated 1990.   I think the verse is quite nice, too. The color would be perfect in our dining room, but I have yet to commit to a final home for it.  Look at all that lovely detailing!  I am a sucker for tulips, hearts, and symmetry.

These are the beginning in a series of prints and projects from my new linoleum block.  They are the result of spending a full day last week listening to Paul Simon and staring at my handsome little boy.

I wasn’t too excited about the way these turned out, so I simplified the background for the last two prints, abandoning the idea of a white impression. I’m not giving up on this stamp yet.  I’ll post photos soon of the successful final use of this lino.

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