a decidedly patterned diptych

I find that I’m often pretty embarrassed by how much time has passed since I’ve done a painting. I mean really really painted.  I do a lot of watercolor pieces for wedding invitations, but my acrylic paint has simply been neglected. I miss it, and then when I pick it up again, it fights with me for a while before things pull together. I’m really pretty happy with my most recent piece, which is a diptych that I just finished for my parents. Each panel is 12×24″. I was caught somewhere between decorative italian renaissance scrollwork and more contemporary patterning, but I think I found a compromise. Time to head to their happy new home!






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2 responses to “a decidedly patterned diptych

  1. anne dicesare

    Kelly, you captured our “unprofessional” vision perfectly in these paintings, blending our Italy memories of beautiful design and mellow tuscan colors with the vibrant, modern style we enjoy! We LOVE them! 🙂 The proud new owners

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