brides & babies

Well look at me. Getting all fancy with my matching coffee, twine, & binder; and my table, specifically cleaned off for my first bridal consultation of the year! wooo weee!  I’m excited because my calendar for January and February is quickly filling up with new weddings, and it’s a nice mix of different colors, themes, and responsibilities.  I like to alternate between envelope calligraphy jobs and custom invitations to give my hand a break or test out some new design ideas.


This calligraphy piece is heading to the nursery of a cute little girl, of this super awesome bride, and is meant to coordinate with a most beautiful rug from Anthropologie. It’s one of my more colorful pieces to date, and I’m thinking it will look pretty darn magnificent to a child’s eyes!



And finally, the thank you notes that we sent out for Liam’s 1st birthday. That boy makes me melt!



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  1. Stephanie Kralevich

    Hi Kelly! I saw a piece of your work framed in a friend’s nursery and I to buy one for my son’s nursery. It’s the poem “A Baby will make your LOVE stronger…” Where can I buy one of those? I messaged you on pinterest too, but I’m not very Pinterest savvy, so I don’t know if you’ll actually get that one. Thanks so much!
    -Steph K.

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