this was today

This was today: Wegman’s marshmallow treasures, my beloved wake up call cup of coffee, and a stem of sedum that I am trying to root, daringly sitting atop a wedding invite sketch.  Living dangerously, I tell you!

Last Friday marked one year since closing on & moving into our lovely yellow house.  I made this for Michael.  I used one of those cheap cardboard house boxes from the craft store as a foundation, and then did a painted corrugated cardboard, chalkboard (black gesso), calligraphy treatment to the outside. I think it’s rather darling. Maybe it, itself, will house ticket stubs or matchbooks or something of the like.

Getting pretty excited to share the next few wedding invitations I’ve been working on, which will be printed by a wonderfully talented, local, digital printing momma.  I am also happy to announce that I can offer the very colorful selection of waste not paper envelopes with printed wedding invitation suites! Euro flaps anyone? Me me me!


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