inspired by: oliver jeffers

I’m going to make an effort to supplement this blog with things other than personal work and our day to day life happenings.  It may be something I’ve read, or seen, or heard.  It might be on trend one day, and ridiculously untimely the next; but it will have had some place in that inspiration center in my being, so it deserves a spot here!

To start, I thought I’d share a few videos from my favorite illustrator currently, Oliver Jeffers. His beautifully textural children’s books initially caught my eye, but he does so many wonderful illustrations for other clients & for himself.  Work like this leaves me completely enforced.  I want to paint, like, now!

How amazing is this picture book for ipad? Is it silly to consider purchasing one for this reason alone? And to top it off, it is narrated by Helena Bonham Carter.  I mean….come on!

And I especially love his maps.


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