make the heart sing

After so much anticipation of the flea market last week, I would like to share this framed laser-cut calligraphy piece that I ended up with, amongst other treasures.  It has a nice vintage and folk art feel to it, even though it was dated 1990.   I think the verse is quite nice, too. The color would be perfect in our dining room, but I have yet to commit to a final home for it.  Look at all that lovely detailing!  I am a sucker for tulips, hearts, and symmetry.

These are the beginning in a series of prints and projects from my new linoleum block.  They are the result of spending a full day last week listening to Paul Simon and staring at my handsome little boy.

I wasn’t too excited about the way these turned out, so I simplified the background for the last two prints, abandoning the idea of a white impression. I’m not giving up on this stamp yet.  I’ll post photos soon of the successful final use of this lino.


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