the joys of summer

Hello, all!  It’s been an absolutely crazy few weeks, between moving back to Rochester and several recent freelance jobs.  I’m happy about the recent pace of things, and hope that this busy-ness continues for a bit! Firstly, Hearts & Crafts is rapidly approaching again!  I’ll be doing my best to create some new pieces for this show (assuming I can find where my box of essential supplies and paint is hiding).  I’ll have a table on the second day- so excited to be in the same show with Cecelia again.  🙂  Do come visit.

The last wedding calligraphy gig that I finished was a blast!  I got to try my hand at reproducing the ‘engravers’ font to match the bride’s Paper Source invites- something that took me 3 pens for each envelope to manage. I am really happy with the way that they turned out, though they still have that ‘consistent inconsistency’ to them. Seriously, how awesome are Waste Not Paper envelopes?  WAY pumped to get started on their ‘night’ color envelopes with my white ink for this week’s etsy gig!

Finished the most adorable baby shower invitations for my cousin today, using a template found in this post on the wren handmade blog.  It was adapted slightly to fit some blue envelopes I had here.

Lastly, a look at the progression of my baby granny square blanket. My new love: gray for nurseries!


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  1. Kelly, seriously, your calligraphy and crocheting skills are blowing my mind more and more these days! that granny square baby blanket is going to be precious! you amaze and inspire me! xxoo Em

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