show love day

I love today.  I am such a fan of pink and red and hearts overload.  I was a little late on getting any decorating done, but I did manage to take these flea market find cups out with my doily. So fancy!  The stage for my valentine’s display is our newly distressed road side desk, which I finished up a week or so ago.  Another surface to cover with miscellaneous studio clutter.  Yay!  I ‘m still trouble-shooting the underside of the desk… I think darker maybe?

Go on and do something lovely and pretty today, Valentine!


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One response to “show love day

  1. Syp Vandy

    Kelly! It’s been so long since I’ve checked your blog. You never cease to amaze me. Just thinking of you as your birthday nears (yes, I still do that 21/22 thing because you lived on 21 something something street…I think? lol). Miss you to pieces and hope you’re doing well!

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