progression of a snowed in day off

Today was a blessing in that I had the option of going out in the cold, or staying parked in the driveway.  Of course, I stayed in and had quite a productive day.  I had a set of birthday cards and thank you notes to finish for a custom order, which were fun to do.  Half were original watercolor illustrations, and the thank you notes were printed from a hand cut lino block.

I haven’t been overly happy with the last bunch of blocks I bought.  They seem dry, and with the compressed wood on the back, don’t print well. Last week I thought I’d test out one of my old illustration concepts with the Speedball Speedy-Curve blocks.  I’m already much more satisfied, just after the first 10 prints.  I plan to sell them in February at the Hearts and Crafts show at Java’s on Gibbs St.  The word bubble will read “you’re steamy”.



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3 responses to “progression of a snowed in day off

  1. what are “speedy curve blocks”? in my classroom i use this soft, rubbery-ish printing block stuff that carves with SUCH EASE and is real flexible. is that the same thing? i can cut it up into small sections with just one cut with my exacto.

    great work, as always 🙂

  2. Carla

    I’m loving the teapot lino, and it’s nice to hear you’ll be in Rochester for Hearts and Crafts!!!

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