a new november

Where did our fall go?!  It’s been so beautiful here the past few weeks, but this morning I wake up and alas, my car windows are all frosted over. I am glad that all of the leaves haven’t fully transitioned to the ground just yet.

Michael and I walked around Genessee Valley Park a few weeks ago for a school project of his, and I was able to get some really nice shots of the colorful part of fall, which I love.

This is a long overdue wedding gift for some dear friends from college, Maggie and Steve.  I had previously worked on the placecards for their reception, and because this was one of the readings at their ceremony, I thought it was appropriate.  I love the subtle gray areas too.

I’ve been extremely happy with the frames I’ve been able to hunt down.  This one was particularly nice, since I was looking for a white frame (which is hard to find).  It ended up being quite a bit of white though, so I took the frame apart and spray painted the outer part in a coordinating teal.  I think it is nice.

This is a piece that I did for Connor’s baptism this weekend!  I’m such a proud Godmother! Watercolor and ink on bristol board.

And finally, a new wedding that I’m working on.  I  love when brides use kraft paper in their invitations- fantastic! Also, very cool menu design to follow soon.


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