the march of many things

I always feel, as I’ve told many people this week, that things pick up in spring. Everyone is in a better mood. Enough time has passed since the holidays, and now I find that even I am looking for new and bright things to bring in the new season. I’ve had a few job requests come in, which I feel is only the beginning of a busy busy few months.

Last night I finished this calligraphy piece for a christening. It is a Jim Brickman quote from his song “never alone“. I had never heard it until I was asked to use this quote, and think it is something that won’t necessarily be outgrown from a nursery in a few years. It is 16×20” on illustration board, hand brushed with watercolor.

A few other things that have been making me smile lately:

This photo that Michael took of the sunset last night.

This wonderful ornament from Cecelia.

And the cutest birthday present, polka dotted, potted plant from my dream boat. It’s a pink hypoestes!


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