an abundance of color

A night or two ago, the sunset was beautiful. There were so many wonderful pink and coral hues. It was very inspiring.

I had a similar experience today while I was eating lunch. Color is magical. I really enjoy that teal and coral, or orange, combination. I’ve been using a lot of turquoise lately I’m noticing. I’ll overdo it, and then I can move on to the next trend.

This is a bib style necklace that I started working on this weekend. I plan to cover a good percentage of it with embroidery and beading.

Just added these cards to the shop. Lyrics by Stevie Wonder; calligraphy, design, and construction by me.

Thinking of working on a new painting this week. I’d also like to paint some more furniture. Anyone want to donate a table?


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One response to “an abundance of color

  1. Kyle

    Hey! Turquoise is this years color I guess. Someone in Jcrew the other day was telling me all about it. They were explaining that it was getting popular and taking the place of chartreuse. Regardless I was reading your post and thought of this interaction. You are so ahead of the color trend!

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