market recap

So, the Buffalo Indie Market was a week ago today, and I promised to let everyone know how things went. We had a pretty good turnout overall, though there was a lot of post-bar and restaurant traffic. I did about as well as I hoped, given that I had almost no idea what to expect. I did sell my duck piece, which I was quite proud of. I had a really good time with Cecelia and her family, and Michael was a great salesman at my table. Overall, it was a learning experience. I hope to do the sale again in the spring.




Right before the sale, I made this reindeer piece. My main motivation was the Michael’s contest that Cecelia told me about. We both entered under different categories, so you can vote for both my reindeer and her ornament! Please do, because we’d love to see Martha Stewart.





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2 responses to “market recap

  1. Michael

    You did a wonderful job at the sale! I’m really proud of you! Your table was by far the best one there.

  2. Emily

    i’m excited you did well and had fun! hope there’s many more craft fairs in your future.

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