ducks and people

It’s getting down to sale time. Next Thursday. So I’ve been spending time getting things tagged and priced, and now I want to get a few pieces done that are larger stand alone pieces. Paintings and other wall hangings. Yesterday I made this duck. I want to look into making him into more of a stuffed sculpture, but I’m not there yet.



I did this while listening to Regina Spektor last night. It’s from the song “Ghost of Corporate Future”, a truly entertaining one of hers. It helped me relax. I think I’m going to go back into it and fill in around some of the letters.



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  1. This looks really cute! You should paint some of the wooden hoops like you do your furniture (I love when you do faux bois). The little white crochet snowflake is really adorable. Can’t believe it’s so soon either!

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