teapot prints and peppermints

This week I finally got over to one of the Buffalo Public Libraries near us, and took out a few calligraphy books and also this wonderful book on the history of teapots. I had a lot of fun looking through it and seeing the origin of all of the different shapes. I drew up this little sketch of a few of them.


Then I decided to make a linoleum block from one of them.


After making the first print, I decided to get rid of the striped area in the background. Now I like it. I only wish I had made the block a bit smaller.


I made up these peppermint cards for the show. I like peppermint imagery for the holidays. I like to think that once a year, the ordinary breath mint becomes an extraordinary stocking stuffer. It deserves a little glory.




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3 responses to “teapot prints and peppermints

  1. i LOVE those sketches! you should totally make them into rubber stamps- i would buy them!! i’m gearing up for a craft fair myself 🙂 love seeing our two different styles of crafting 🙂

  2. Syp

    “you’re steamy” 😉 — love it!

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