this is my week

Things are going to be changing directions around here for a few days, because I’m working on my portfolio again. But my registration has been confirmed for the market too, so I’m still moving forward in that direction. Don’t you worry.

yoyo flowers front


This is a “mock-up” moleskin cover that I made recently. I call it a mock-up because there is some refining I’d like to do with the design, as some of the elements were after thoughts. But I like where it’s headed so far.

moleskin frontmoleskin back

Finished  a commission last week for a friend’s nursery. It was designed to match the modern crib set that she has. I’m pleased with how it turned out, and had fun with it too. That’s always a bonus!


Wish me luck, I think this is my week!



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One response to “this is my week

  1. Emily

    i wish many things:
    1. i wish you will get a job soon (you’ve been interviewing, right?)
    2. i wish i knew how you make those lovely round fabric bunched thingys in the top image on this post and on the gift tags in the post below.
    3. i wish i could see the “MAKE a wish!” card in person….are those little confetti stars floating inside of a sewn-shut pocket? if so, how cool! if not, are they just drawn/painted on?
    4. i wish you a wonderful week, what’s left of it!

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