september means business

I’ve been making ornaments all week for the Buffalo Indie Market in November. I plan on having a collection of random things I create, hopefully unified by some simple marketing. I’ll post things as they are completed.






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2 responses to “september means business

  1. Bek

    ok so i know it’s supposed to be a wreath but i’m thinking it looks like the donut from the simpson’s movie! I love donuts…maybe you could make me one that looks like a donut? lol I’d love to have donut ornaments…

  2. I am totally in awe of all you have made! There are 3 posts here since I last checked and everything looks awesome!!! Are you going to put anything on etsy? I signed up for the market before the 15th, and I got an email saying they got my money and everything, but no actual statement like ,” you are a vendor” so I’m a bit confused. I’m assuming I’m in. I hope we can have a work day together soon! I can’t believe how productive you’ve been, I better get moving.

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