Cincinnati: reds, and iron

This piece comes with a thanks to Michael, who (in so many words) mentioned how much he missed me painting. I have been caught up doing a number of miscellaneous projects, which I do really love, but I’m always glad to return to painting after a brief crafting break.  It is what I went to school for after all.  This one was from a photo I took of a great door in downtown Cincinnati. I experimented with painting on the backside of a piece of masonite, to take advantage of the texture. I’m happy with the result, even if it is because I thoroughly enjoy that red orange color. I should always paint with little expectation of the final.



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  1. I haven’t checked up on you in awhile and you’ve been so productive! I am loving your embroidered piece (so’s the baby) it’s in our joint nursery/art room. Lauren’s hair is amazing! I hope you’re posting on etsy soon!

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