the newest refinish

A few weeks ago I was excited to find this fantastic little end table at the Salvation Army in Norwood. I loved the legs on it, and saw immediate potential for a cute new piece. I hope to bring it in to Sally at Sassy Boutique sometime this week to see if she will put it in her shop. Yay!




table-before detail






table-after detail



The table top view also showcases my new sketchbook from paper cloud (thanks ali!), my martha stewart recipe box, and a book that I hand bound last week.



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2 responses to “the newest refinish

  1. kelly, forget about selling this! it’s too cute! i’d totally buy it, btw. perhaps someday ill commission you for some furniture!

  2. Dezirae

    Kelly! This is adorable! You should submit it to designsponge for a “before and after” piece. I bet you could get some nice traffic and maybe a commission or two. Hope you doing well!

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