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Hello, loyal friends. I’ve just finished spiffing up my site with an updated portfolio, blog, & shop section! I hope that you’ll all continue to follow me over at the new! Stay tuned to my blog there for an official website launch giveaway starting this Monday. And as always, thanks for your interest & support ❤

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alphabet print

Why is it so hard to use free time appropriately? I always wish that I had the discipline to crank out a new design every few days, but sketches just seem to linger on my desk. Like this one below, many hours are spent perfecting the sketch, which doesn’t see watercolor for …..sometimes weeks. How tragic! I am happy to report that this one is finished & will be available as a print in my shop soon. I’ve been wanting to do something that feels equally at home in both a nursery or kids room & in an office or other living space. I think this turned out simple and colorful (in that muted sort of way) enough for either. I’m quite happy with it.


What’s the trend these days, 8x10s or 9x12s? What would you all like to see?

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inspired by: happier at home

I’ve been trying to slow down a bit lately, and take time to myself that isn’t necessarily business  or house related. It’s hard for me not to start a handful of projects during each bit of free time that I find during the day. But I realized that when I don’t take a break from my work, I don’t have the energy to feel inspired & I fall into a creative rut.  Every so often I start to wonder if I’m heading in the right direction in all aspects of my life. Where should I put more time, energy, money, love? Where can I afford to? What is most important?

I came across this great book a few months ago. Initially it was a gift for Michael, but I’ll admit that I’ve sort of claimed it as my own at this point. It’s written by Gretchen Rubin, who also wrote “The Happiness Project”. Though I haven’t read that book, I find that she touches on it a bit in this one, and “Happier at Home” is much more suitable for me right now. It covers a number of areas of her life that she evaluates & redefines, and then creates tasks for herself to help draw more attention to (and enjoyment from) them.  Possessions, marriage, parenthood, body, interior design, neighborhood, family, time, etc. I’m only partway through, but I find that when I read for a while, I’m inspired to walk around our house and create projects for myself.  The difference here is, I don’t feel stressed about these projects. I’m not lacking ideas. I’m removing clutter, in every sense of the word, so that I can focus on the things that I want to be present.

One of the tasks that she choose for herself to help sort the precious, meaningful things that she owned from the stuff that she has no real attachment to, was to create miniature ‘shrines’ throughout her house. Collections that she might have previously had stored away that she wanted to appreciate more. I thought this was so nice. I have a shelf like this in my studio, and while it wasn’t arranged after reading that part of the book, it is a favorite space of mine. It’s nice to see a shelf full of items that make you smile or relive a certain memory, and I can’t wait to revisit all of the shelves and dresser tops in our house.

Have a wonderfully full weekend everyone! And go read this book- you won’t be disappointed!




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just july

Can anyone believe we are already in July?! I cannot. Honestly. I’ve been so busy trying to enjoy the weather and tolerate the bugs that I haven’t realized how quickly the weeks are passing (I count time in weeks again, now). I have a handful of fun projects coming up that I am pumped about and hope to be able to share them soon. Until then, enjoy the hazy sun, ripe fruit, and wild flowers, friends!


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big boy room progress

It’s been a ‘little’ humid here to get much painting done, but I did manage to finish up the drawers for our big dresser renovation and spray all the hardware.  I also found some pretty great vintage globe book ends at an estate sale on our street.  Michael is always on the hunt too, and happened to get his hands on an awesome pull down New York State map from a city school that he’s working on. We hadn’t planned on going with the geographic theme, but I do love what we’ve found so far!



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inspired by: macklemore & ryan lewis, same love

While I know this video has already seen its way around the blogosphere, today is a big win for our country, and it couldn’t be more appropriate. Same love!

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a dresser, reborn

I haven’t worked on a big furniture piece in some time, and i’m pretty excited about this one. It will actually be two pieces: a short and tall dresser. They were my Dad’s when he was a child, and my parents gave them a fresh coat (or 3) of white paint for my room as a little girl.  My initial inspiration was this Stuart Melrose piece. I have to say, the only thing motivating us to strip these down to the wood and sand them smooth is seeing the end result, which does make me a little giddy actually. Oh, that and being able to move Liam into his new big boy room to free up the nursery for baby #2 this December!!!  😀





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i thank you God

Oh, how I love doing calligraphy of e.e. cummings poems. I always feel that they lend themselves so well to different treatments of each line, and I love playing up the color variations with them too. This was for the cover of a wedding program for that beautiful Rochester wedding invite I helped work on. I’m hoping to get a photo of the menus I collaborated with Cecelia on, too. I imagine that all the lovely details of that day were just, YES. The very best wishes to the bride & groom!


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